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“über.leben” International Puppet Theatre Festival

The topic “über.leben” of the international puppet theater festival 2013 focuses on stories about life and survival. These will be presented in performances for adults as well as children, adolescents and families.

Private history becomes political, global history becomes personal. The individual biography is put into relation with history, myths and fairy tales and is reinvented on stage: as a modern version of the myth of Medea, as object theatre combining a family history with the German period of colonization, as paper theatre about an almost fateful encounter with the terrorist Carlos, as humorous yet melancholic reflection on the process of ageing, or as an old wolf’s review on his encounter with the Little Red Riding Hood. Many of the participating artist are familiar to the audience in Munich, e. g. Neville Tranter, the Vélo Théâtre, Margrit Gysin and the Ensemble Materialtheater. However, there are many new discoveries, e. g. the Paper Body Collective (South Africa), Cie Kazyadance (Democratic Republic of the Congo / France), Yeung Faï / Théâtre Vidy- Lausanne (Hong Kong / Switzerland) Nicola Unger (Netherlands), Yvette Coetzee (South Africa / Germany) or Polina Borisova (Russia / France).

The artistic installation of African puppets of the Puppet Theater / Fairground Attraction Collection of the Münchner Stadtmuseum takes the festival’s topic up in another way. The visual artist Pélagie Gbaguidi (Senegal / Belgium) and the puppeteer Stefanie Oberhoff (of the German- Congolese formation “Gütesiegel Kultur”) establish their very own way of presenting the puppets, which will be shown in an exhibition at the Münchner Stadtmuseum.

A project of Figuren TheaterForum München:
Münchner Stadtmuseum – Puppet Theater / Fairground Attraction Collection, GFP e.V. München, SchauBurg – Theater der Jugend, Kultur & Spielraum e. V.

In cooperation with:
Instituto Cervantes Múnich; Alten- und Servicezentrum Altstadt; Ev. Familien-Bildungsstätte Elly Heuss-Knapp

Sponsors and supporters:
Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation)
LH München Kulturreferat, Bezirk Oberbayern, Goethe Institut, Institut français d’Allemagne / Französisches Ministerium für Kultus und Kommunikation / DGCA, Generalkonsulat des Königreichs der Niederlande, Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia