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/ Munich dancePAT

Foto: Ray Demski

The initiative Munich DancePAT provides continuous affordable professional contemporary dance training in Munich. We pride ourselves in bringing exciting internationally reputable artists to teach in Munich. The series of classes takes place once a month, from Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 11am, in the rooms of Tanztendenz Munich e.V.

Each of these week-long training blocks is taught by a different international guest teacher and takes place at a high, professional level. The continuation of affordable professional training in Munich enriches and strengthens network structures and artistic exchanges both within Munich and with foreign international dancers and choreographers.

The continuity of professional training facilitates the Munich contemporary dance scene to stay vibrant and current. Strengthening both the physical and psychological condition of dancers and choreographers by providing a regular meeting place. Munich DancePAT promotes a lively, collaborative community.

Behind Munich DancePAT are choreographers Katrin Schafitel and Jasmine Ellis.


Die Bevorstehenden Termine und die jeweiligen Lehrer*innen bei Munich DancePAT finden sich HIER.

Jasmine Ellis & Katrin Schafitel
E-Mail: munich.dancepat@gmail.com