Kim Ramona Ranalter

Kim Ramona Ranalter was born in Munich in 1981 and discovered herself as a young adult with a great thirst for artistic and musical knowledge and an unrestrained delight in combining works, materials and forms of expression on stage. Now she most likes working as a theatre-maker, music producer, musician and DJ* Kim_Twiddle together with artists and ensembles of all backgrounds on interdisciplinary projects.

After two years of stage training with IMAL Musiktheater e. V. (International Munich ArtLab), she worked there until 2013 as Assistant to the Musical Director and a lecturer on Arrangement and Studio Technology. From 2014 to 2018 she worked with the directors Sapir Heller, Manuela Mantini, Leonie Pichler and Caitlin Maas and the ensembles Turbowerk MUC, FBM e. V., Theter e. V. and Bluespots Productions as part of Bavaria’s independent theatre scene.

Since 2016 she has increasingly focussed on electronic music composition and sound design. As an electronic one-woman chorus she produces and performs her music in analogue style without a screen or a laptop, using electronic sound generators from the early 2000s (samplers, synth, loop station). In between retro pop and sci-fi she interprets music ranging from electronica, pop, hiphop and classical to experimental for theatre works and devises abstract sound for multimedia works and installations.

Recently she devised and played the stage music for “Amsterdam” (2019/2020) at the Munich Volkstheater and “SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP” (2020).

She is currently creating the sound design for a third joint audio-visual durational exhibition with the media artist Barbara Herold in a public virtual space. After the success of interactive AR Apps, the stereoscope VR game environment “Parcour” opened in March 2021.

Since 2018 she has also been active as part of the queer feminist DJ* collective WUT: here, together with Munich-based DJ*s, producers and musicians, she develops intersectional events, coaching and network structures and also political interventions.

Foto: Lauren Leis

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