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/ Schön Anders

A piece about the tension between individual development and group dynamics.

For everyone from 6+.

Group behavior shapes us. Humans are herd animals, they protect and organize themselves in class groups, leisure clubs, communities of states and unions. But what happens when the individual leaves the protecting group? Or in other words: What if the individual recognizes itself and wants to act this out? Is it exposed defencelessly to the rest of the group if it leaves the group – if it is beautifully different? The choreographer Ceren Oran takes up this theme in dance and music. She cooperates with a multicultural team consisting of five dancers and one musician who bring their own experiences of “being different” and of belonging into the production process. The rehearsal process takes place in Munich and a residence at Kibbutz Neot Samandar, the home of the Israeli dancer Roni Saga. In addition to the rehearsals, all participants will also experience life in the collective at the kibbutz. The artists will observe individual relationships and group behavior in everyday life and will incorporate these into their rehearsals. Back in Munich, school classes and an adult test audience will accompany the rehearsal process and give feedback. In contrast to previous productions, in which Ceren Oran tells stories about life circles (“Elephant from the Egg”) and being a stranger (“Sag Mal…”) to a very young audience, in this work, Oran relies on the physical expressiveness of bodies and the immediacy of live music. The piece is aimed at children from 5 years of age and family audiences.

***Press presentation 4 February 2020***

Further performances:

6 February 2020, 11 AM
7 February 2020, 9 AM
8 February 2020, 3 PM

Artistic Direction, choreography, dance: Ceren Oran
Choreography, Dance: Roni Sagi
Dance: Maria Casares Gonzales, Jin Lee, Jovana Zelenović
Music, Composition: Benny Omerzell
Costume: Sigrid Wurzinger
Artistic Production Management: Rat & Tat Kulturbüro
PR: Simone Schulte-Aladag