Rat&Tat 01/2017

Dear all,

once the sparkling fireworks of New Year’s Eve have been absorbed by the darkness, just as soon as the firecracker’s echoes have died away in the night, we can watch it crawling out of its hiding place, leaving a slimy trace, trying to cover all our good wishes and all our blessings for a happy new year : Fear. Fear of terror, the unpleasant feeling towards the things we are unfamiliar with or things and events with uncertain results or following consequences.

Some say: let’s put up some more cameras in public space, so at least we will be able to recognize the monsters’ faces afterwards. We’d like to try something different:

At the fastfood IMPROCUP we are joining the actors on stage by embracing the uncertainty of life. We are celebrating the fragility of the moment. We let ourselves be enchanted and once we are watching an improvisation failing deeply, we celebrate failure, for we guess that muck-hills always refer to well fed cows.

You will find no cow in MIX MATCH. However actress Judith Huber and musician and Trautonium genius Peter Pichler will be creating new faboulous beasts and things from things they’ve been luckily stumbling upon. An titanic amusement for anyone starting at the age of four.

Hopefully you can join us.

To a fearless 2017!

Yours sincerely,
Rat&Tat kulturbuero