Anna Donderer

Anna Donderer talks to a lot of people all day long. She introduces people to each other. She gives feedback on ideas and makes suggestions. She checks whether budgets are sufficient and how to find more money. She’s excited to work with her colleagues, who believe in the strength of the performing arts. She knows that we all can create better working conditions if we stick together and are persistent. To make all of this work, she’s an artistic producer, dramaturg and curator with Rat & Tat Kulturbüro. To ensure that as many people as possible stay informed, she founded the consultancy office Theaterbüro München with Katharina Wolfrum and Laura Martegani. And to get something going on a political level as well, she has been on the board of Netzwerk Freie Szene e.V. from 2019 to 2021. In these different roles, her main concerns are regional and transregional networking as well as the improvement of the working conditions of independent performing artists. Her goal is to intensify the connection between politics, administration and artists.

Foto: Gabriele Neeb