Annette Geller


Annette Geller lives as a director and lecturer in Munich, where she also works permanently as a production manager for the Munich-based festivals Spielart, Münchner Biennale, and Dance.

She studied theatre, musicology, and psychology. She starred in television films such as Der gute Kurt (1990) and Pyjamaparty (1991).

At Thalia Theater Halle, one of the largest children’s and youth theatres at the time, she spent several years as an assistant director. Since then, she has worked on projects for young theatre audiences in Halle, Stuttgart, Kassel, and Munich. Ayda, Bär und Hase (2016-2020), www.wirwollenweiter (2017/18) and Record Play Stop Rewind (2019 onwards) were funded by the cultural department of the City of Munich.

As a freelance cultural educator in the field of directing, she was involved in the Stranger than project, which received the 2018 BKM Prize for Cultural Education and If you don’t know, which was presented at Rampenlichter festival and as a documentary at DOK.fest Munich.

In 2020, the text Weitergehen was published through the podcast Kopfkino #5.

Currently, she is preparing Caríno by Vern Thiessen:

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