A dance piece by Matteo Carvone

All those who enjoy experimental dance in an unusual setting are in the right place for the dance performance FLORA: Italian dancer and choreographer Matteo Carvone presents his program, created especially for the Flower Power Festival, in the former industrial hall at Gasteig HP8.

The focus is on the relationship between humans and nature. Specifically, Matteo Carvone stages a reconsideration of “non-humans” as subjects in dance. His goal: He wants to inspire to think differently – about a system of relationships that literally move within ecosystems.

Choreography: Matteo Carvone
Dramaturgy: Francesco Cocco
Sounddesign: Antoine Bertin
Dancers: Clara Cafiero, Cristian Cucco, David Pallant, Francesco Saverio Cavaliere
Choreographical Assistent: Rita Barao Soares
Lightdesign: Jakob Bogensperger
Videodesign: Jake Witlen
Set: Francesco Cocco und Matteo Carvone

MCCM – Christophe Maitrejean

16. Mai 2023, 21:00 Uhr

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