Record Play Stop Rewind

Join us in the complex world of a recording artist. What, pray tell, is a sound carrier? A recording artist is an archivist of voice-sound-noise-music documents of the last decades, centuries. She makes recordings and reinterprets them ad hoc, by means of a mysterious technique: she makes the stored time audible in the movement of the tape. Our protagonist pursues the question of what is touched by renewed touch, what is moved by renewed movement. What should and may remain? What is important for the here and now? The analog sound storage is subject to typical disturbances: Noise, crackling, distortion and other unpredictabilities, such as the encounter with a stranger: stop rewind!

With Maida Kasarian und Pascal Momboisse
By Annette Geller/ MOM & Team

12. Juli 2022, Einstein Kultur, Halle 2

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This project is funded by the Landeshauptstadt München, Kulturreferat.