Tasting Water

Water on the skin can be an intense body experience. When body and water meet, an immediate reaction results, depending on the state of the water: warm, cold, icy, liquid, solid, rushing, flowing. The installative performance tasting water by dancer Manasvini K. Eberl delicately stimulates the senses of the audience and takes them into different states of water. Through a dialogue of dance and video, an illusion of water is created that allows time for immersion and invites the audience to experience the element of water in a sensual and playful way.

Künstlerische Leitung / Choreographie / Tanz: Manasvini K. Eberl
Videokunst: Manuela Hartel
Choreographie: Daniela Graca Schankula
Dramaturgie: Martina Missel
Soundmitarbeit: Marco Pflamminger
Pressearbeit: Christiane Pfau

15. Juli 2022, Einstein Kultur / Halle 4

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Gefördert durch das Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München und unterstützt durch die Tanztendenz e.V. München und das Einstein Kultur.