We call Wonder

WE CALL WONDER is a performance between reenactment and vaudeville, which sketches a 500-year chronicle of the wonders worked by the Black Madonnas in Germany, Poland, Mexico, and France. The project builds on Christiane Huber‘s performative sound installation WUNDER in summer 2021. In WE CALL WONDER, Christiane Huber widens her field of vision and wants to investigate what significance wondrous deeds can still have today. Are wonders, miracles, simply inexplicable occurrences? Or is belief in miracles simply convenient and an economic factor which fills the coffers today as it did as 500 years ago? Does the belief in miracles lead to a decline in political commitment? In the performance, performative acts are to be derived from religious practices all around pilgrimage sites which can strengthen a community. In the context of the theatre, religious symbolisms are reinterpreted: ritual chants, devotional pictures for swallowing, and rays of grace are analysed in a humorous mix of reenactment, video projections, storytelling, choreography, lecture und sound installation. The performers report about the miracles of the different Black Madonnas and weave documentation, fiction, and magical thinking into a wonderloop.

With Quindell Orton, Delaine Le Bas, Hana Umeda,  Duduzile Voigts
Direction | Concept
Christiane Huber
Dramaturgy | Text Anna Gschnitzer
Micha Seidenberg
Video | Light Sven Zellner
Stage Robert Keil
Choreography Lena Grossmann
Kostume Pola Kardum Nora Stocker
Research | Artistic collaboration
Cintia Rangel, Duduzile Voigts, Weronika Zalewska
Antigone Akgün
Press and public relations Simone Lutz PR

Enrique Lanz

27th October 2021 | Schwere Reiter Theater

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Production Christiane Huber with kindly supported by the City of Munich, Cultural Department
Coproduction SPIELART Theaterfestival

Landeshauptstadt München, Kulturreferat