Production Management – The art of making things happen

Starting with the first idea for your project and right through its realisation and the follow up Rat&Tat is there to accompany and assist productions in the areas of stage drama, dance, opera and performance.

Included services (depending on the specific project):

providing cost accounting based on an artistic concept
financing plan for fund raising of third party funds
Application counseling / dramaturgical consulting

preparation of the rehearsal phase
contract drafting / GEMA / KSK / GbR / publishing rights
preparation of press material
rehearsal space management
accommodation management
travel management
organisation of technical infrastructure – pre production
organisation of technical infrastructure – shows
drafting rehearsal schedules / communication
research co workers / work permits
mamagement stage building materials

rehearsal support
budget administration, money transfer
organisation, communication
managing box office, reservations, ticket selling
transporting (including purchasing) materials – including the car
communication with key personalities, funding bodies and investors
public relations (sending out invitations to potential partners for guest performances)

coordination of setup and technical arrangement
coordination and communication
communication between ensemble, production place, ticketing

follow up
coordination dismantling and storing of stage elements
accounting and preparation for tax payments
cross reference
organisation of guest performances