Workshop series

In the three-year project Listening, the choreographic duo Rykena/Jüngst, together with a variety of collaborators, devote themselves to speculating together about the future, exploring artistic forms of storytelling on stage, which they call “futuristic storytelling,” and negotiating how accessibility becomes a form of artistic expression. Carolin Jüngst and Lisa Rykena invite different artists and activists to question and negotiate artistic aesthetics in dance in a new and multi-perspective way. Everyone is welcome to participate in this artistic process. Listening aims to stimulate exchange and contact with the audience, listeners and spectators and implies various exchange, mediation and workshop formats in the form of (digital and analog) networking meetings, panels, workshops, interviews, studio invitations and research formats.

Listening Podcast / Listening Night / 12. Juli 2023

Podcast launch from July 2023

What does it mean to incorporate accessibility as a form of artistic expression in your own work? What are aesthetics of access? What do we mean by artistic audio description? In what different ways can movement, bodies and what happens on stage be described with words? And how do we integrate these descriptions into the artistic work? We invited some experts on these topics to talk to us about it. You can listen to the resulting podcasts or read them as a transcript.

Wednesday, 12. Juli 2023, 18 – 21 Uhr
Listening to podcasts together with drinks, snacks and coziness
At Theatre HochX

On a Wednesday evening in July, we invite you to join us for a podcast LISTENING. We’ll make ourselves comfortable with some drinks and snacks and listen to the first two episodes of our LISTENING podcast.

Listening Workshop / Artistic Audiodescription in SENSE OF WONDER mit Pernille Sonne / 15. Juli 2023

Based on the production SENSE OF WONDER by the choreographic duo Rykena/Jüngst (performances July 21-23 at HochX Munich), the workshop leaders Pernille Sonne, Lisa Rykena and Carolin Jüngst will share ideas and experiences about the artistic use of audio description and their power-critical approach. Audiodescription in dance is the linguistic and vocal description of bodies, movements and situations and everything else that happens on stage. It is the means of access for blind and visually impaired audiences to participate in theatrical events. In this workshop, structured as a kind of research lab, participants will be able to try out different tasks and proposals to translate dance and performance into descriptive language and sounds – both as actors from the inside and as descriptors from the outside. In the first part of the workshop Pernille Sonne will give a practical, theoretical and playful introduction to the topic of audio description of contemporary dance and performance. In the second part, practical scores from the production SENSE OF WONDER will be tried out.

Place: Atelierhaus PLATFORM, Kistlerhofstr. 70, im 3rd floor with elevator

Time: Samstag, 15. Juli 2023, 11 – 17 Uhr

Sing up:

Pernille Sonne:

Voice and movement are the central elements in the work of Pernille Sonne. The graduated speech artist and actress went blind due to a retinal disease and is involved in many different inclusive projects, including language education, direction, performance and dance. „To move in space and spaces“ is aim and basic idea of her work. Together with Armin Petras she wrote the piece „Close your eyes and fly“ in 2004, in which she acted and danced in the main role. This piece was also the first including a dance choreography for which an audio-descriptions was broadcasted. Today the native Danish lives in Leipzig, where she works at the Schauspiel Leipzig as author for audio-descriptions among other projects.

Currently she dedicates herself to the exploration of various channels of perception. In her work with Xenia Tanika as well as with Jan Burkhardt she focuses on researching new access points and forms of shared conscious. Aim is to leave the form of mere description and to move towards the experience of invisible, but palpable and perceptible spaces and to witness them together, blind or seeing.

Image description: The image shows two hands reaching into the picture from the lower left edge of the image. One hand, with open flat palm, is gently touched by the other hand at the fingertips. The background of the picture, as well as the two hands are kept in light, transparent pink.

sense of wonder

In the science fiction genre, the expression »sense of wonder« describes an expanded form of awareness of what seems possible, and thus simultaneously appeals to the willingness to marvel. By drawing on speculative and climate fiction motifs and combining the credible with the mysterious, the choreographer duo places the fairy-tale motif of wonder and its construction at the centre of their exploration.

As in their earlier works, the two artists draw on classical, mythological and pop-cultural materials and create new narratives, embodiments and hybrid forms from a queer feminist perspective. Carolin Jüngst und Lisa Rykena were represented at Tanzplattform Deutschland 2022 and are producing SENSE OF WONDER, their fourth work in Hamburg (Kampnagel) and the third in Munich (HochX).

skin hunger

What happens when touch is absent? Is the currently necessary physical distance an accelerant on the way to an individualistic and decoupled society? And how can we overcome the physical separation from each other?

The skin hunger project explores the effects of the lack of touch, borrowing from the audio world of podcasts. The 60-minute ensemble piece by Jasmine Ellis Projects combines the live elements of dance and music with the narrative connectedness of radio. Part of the project is a radio podcast by artist Johnny Spence in collaboration with CBC Canada’s Ideas radio show.

Image description: In the black and white picture, in the background, on the right edge of the picture, you can see a person lying on his side on the floor, hugging his own leg. Up to the waist you can see a person in the middle of the picture, in bare legs and short sports pants. On the left and in the foreground you can see a short-haired dancer in a light-colored T-shirt squatting on the floor with her own toe in her mouth.

reality warping

“reality warping” questions how we know reality is actually reality and who constructs it. This dynamic evening critiques our current view of creating and maintaining the identity of our contemporary selves. It puts a magnifying glass on the disconnect between reality and perception, as well as our survivalist ability to adapt – all through a lens of playful wonder. The performance project works with dance, music, projections and video looping, social media and augmented reality. It culminates in cross-disciplinary performances that are shown in front of a live audience but can also be experienced from home. In the process, “reality warping” questions the relationship between our digital existence and our analogue selves, the dissonance of the interplay between reality, perception and social construct.

Image description: A naked male read dancer stands on the left side of the picture and holds his head with both hands. His right elbow is stretched upwards. The right half of the picture is black. The dancer is illuminated red from the left.


A dance piece by Matteo Carvone

All those who enjoy experimental dance in an unusual setting are in the right place for the dance performance FLORA: Italian dancer and choreographer Matteo Carvone presents his program, created especially for the Flower Power Festival, in the former industrial hall at Gasteig HP8.

The focus is on the relationship between humans and nature. Specifically, Matteo Carvone stages a reconsideration of “non-humans” as subjects in dance. His goal: He wants to inspire to think differently – about a system of relationships that literally move within ecosystems.

Connection Dance Center 2023

An educational series by Mónica García Vicente

Twelve young amateur dancers were selected for the second Connection Dance Center and will train & rehearse weekly from March. They will work on the micro-performance „WILLIS“, which will be performed together with an open rehearsal in various venues in Hannover: at the EISFABRIK as part of the tanzOFFensive and in Tanzhaus AhrbergViertel as part of the open day. Other venues may follow.

Parallel to this, the young dancers get to know choreographies by Goyo Montero, Sofia Nappi and Marco Goecke by sitting in on the multi-part evening “Game of Life” at the Staatsballett Hannover. In addition, there will be a job shadowing at the EISFABRIK during the tanzOFFensive at LANDERER & COMPANY.

Tour des Textes

The Tour des Textes is a collaborative scholarship program organised by the Netzwerk Münchner Theatertexter*innen, the Wiener Wortstätten, the Neues Institut für Dramatisches Schreiben and the Summer School Südtirol.

Scholars of this program have the opportunity to develop their text projects and to present them in regular workshops in Munich, Vienna, and South Tyrol. In this way, a sustainable opportunity for development and exchange supporting the text creation can be achieved. The program is accompanied by a reading and discussion format. During this, the authors present their current work and discuss aesthetic, content-related and political questions.

Participants of Tour des Textes are invited to regularly meet over the course of one year and to work on their texts, collaboratively discuss them and exchange ideas.

Six writers are part of the Tour des Textes in its fourth year.

On January 26th, the Tour started in Munich.

The Munich chapter of the Tour was once again supported by Monacensia im Hildebrandhaus.

Scholarship holders: Amerla Madreiter, Maxi Obexer, Thomas Perle, Olga Prusak, Rike Reiniger, Peter Thiers

In the program’s third year, seven writers were part of Tour des Textes.

From 20th to 23rd January 2022 the Tour 2022 started in Munich. From 21st to 27th April the authors met in Vienna before the project was concluded from 21st to 27th August as part of the Summer School South Tyrol.

The special feature in 2022 was that scenes of the plays discussed were set up and filmed in October 2022. You can find the videos here!

Scholarship holders: Caitlin van der Maas, Pola Fendel & Kristina Jovanovic, Sara Ehsan, Andreas Sauter, Semir Plivac, Alexandra Koch

Tour des Textes 2022 was, among others, funded with a network and structure funding by Fonds Darstellende Künste within the framework of Neustart Kultur

The Munich chapter of the Tour was supported by Monacensia im Hildebrandhaus.

In the program’s second year, seven writers had the opportunity to develop their text projects and to present them in regular workshops.

Scholarship holders: Liat Fassberg, Jan Geiger, Barbara Kadletz & Ursula Knoll, Dana Linssen, Miriam Lesch, Denijen Pauljević

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the workshops in Munich took place both in person and online: the authors in Munich met and the other authors joined them online. The workshops planned for Vienna, had to completely take place online. The Summer School South Tyrol could fortunately take place on site.

In the program’s first year, six writers were invited to exchange ideas and network.

Scholarship holders: Katrin Diehl, Amir Gudarzi, Helena Kontoudakis, Valeria Melichar, Elena Schmidt, Rinus Silzle


Within the framework of OASIS, one week of artistic research with three different choreographers is made possible. Dancers are familiarized with different creative processes and styles and choreographers have the chance to get to know the scene anchored in Munich.

These three results will be shown in the final performance at the HochX Theater.

The two initiatives TanzQuelle and Bad Lemons Project strengthen the community of dance creators in Munich and have established themselves as an integral part of the city as well as developing supra-regional appeal. Together this year, under the name OASIS, they offer professional training, schaffen space for open-ended research, intensive exchange and artistic development.


4×4 meters – a box. 2 performers – one couple. “Relationshits” explores the different phases and dynamics of a relationship in a limited space through dance. From the romantic-enthusiastic beginning, to the shared space and the feeling of deep grounding and connectedness, to phases of longing for autonomy, the desire to break out of familiar paths, to leave obligations behind. Also included in the relationship package: betrayal, anger, longing, intimacy, compassion, sex, boredom, surrender and… love. “Relationshifts” takes all these big words that are part of our everyday life together as a couple and declines through the emotional and physical aspects of a relationship in different life situations. The starting point is very personal stories of the artistic team; which the performance translates into global images, using choreography and music as a language in which the audience can discover everyday moments.

„Relationshifts“ takes place as a 50-minute loop five times each evening, and the audience is invited to watch one or more replays. A kind of real-time effect: in the same space, with the same protagonists and the same choreographic sequence, the dancers exhaust themselves, age, lose their temper, give up and start again.

Mary Frankenstein

Dance performance about the human and the monstrous
by Mónica Garcia Vicente
with 6 dancers and a musical composition of her own.

The dance performance “Mary Frankenstein” is an artistic exploration of the multi-layered and contradictory facets of the human and the monstrous. Based on the novel Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley (1818), the choreography goes in search of an aesthetic and dance language of the monster as a threshold figure and questions our concepts of normality and order, culture and aesthetics, humanity and humanity.
The dance performance also wants to remind us of the task of art to stand up for humanity and community, especially in “monstrous” times. The audience can find its own way through the Kesselhaus on the Faust grounds and follow the dance, video and sound installation at various stations.