Connection Dance Center 2023

An educational series by Mónica García Vicente

Twelve young amateur dancers were selected for the second Connection Dance Center and will train & rehearse weekly from March. They will work on the micro-performance „WILLIS“, which will be performed together with an open rehearsal in various venues in Hannover: at the EISFABRIK as part of the tanzOFFensive and in Tanzhaus AhrbergViertel as part of the open day. Other venues may follow.

Parallel to this, the young dancers get to know choreographies by Goyo Montero, Sofia Nappi and Marco Goecke by sitting in on the multi-part evening “Game of Life” at the Staatsballett Hannover. In addition, there will be a job shadowing at the EISFABRIK during the tanzOFFensive at LANDERER & COMPANY.

Artistic Direction / Choreography: Mónica García Vicente | Composition: Maewen Forest | Costume: Luzie Nehls-Neuhaus | Social Media/Video: Laura Nicole Viganó | Artistic Production: Rat & Tat Kulturbüro | Dancers: Annika Dörrie, Emma Hesse, Valeska Hinz, Amelie Krüger, Pia Krüger, Juline Lege, Sarah Lueder, Emma Luise Möllmann, Vera Reinicke, Laura Schepers, Maria Windmöller Laura-Constanze Wirl | Grafics: Maïté Müller | Photography: Peter Hoffmann-Schoenborn | Kompetenznachweis Kultur: Laura van Joolen (Leiterin), Alexandra Jedrych (Beraterin), Bettina Paletta (Beraterin)

The CDC 2023 runs from March to May.

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