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In the three-year project Listening, the choreographic duo Rykena/Jüngst, together with a variety of collaborators, devote themselves to speculating together about the future, exploring artistic forms of storytelling on stage, which they call “futuristic storytelling,” and negotiating how accessibility becomes a form of artistic expression. Carolin Jüngst and Lisa Rykena invite different artists and activists to question and negotiate artistic aesthetics in dance in a new and multi-perspective way. Everyone is welcome to participate in this artistic process. Listening aims to stimulate exchange and contact with the audience, listeners and spectators and implies various exchange, mediation and workshop formats in the form of (digital and analog) networking meetings, panels, workshops, interviews, studio invitations and research formats.

Listening Workshop with Naomi Sanfo / 3rd of November 2023


Artistic Audio Description in Contemporary Dance and Performance

Naomi Sanfo | Lisa Rykena & Carolin Jüngst (Munich/Hamburg) 


November 3rd, 2023 | 12:00 noon – 3:30 pm

Choreographic duo Rykena/Jüngst and performer Naomi Sanfo share their ideas and experiences in the artistic handling of audio description as well as their power critique therein through this workshop. Audio description in dance is the language and voice-based description of that which is happening on stage – the description of bodies, movement, and situations. It is the access device for a blind or visually impaired audience to experience theatrical events. In a combination of theory and practice, creative ways of artistic audio description shall be tested to translate dance and performance into a descriptive language and sounds. The workshop participants will be both protagonists as well as descriptors.

Workshop combining theory and practice on the artistic use of audio description.

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Listening Podcast / Listening Night / 12. Juli 2023

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Podcast launch from July 2023

What does it mean to incorporate accessibility as a form of artistic expression in your own work? What are aesthetics of access? What do we mean by artistic audio description? In what different ways can movement, bodies and what happens on stage be described with words? And how do we integrate these descriptions into the artistic work? We invited some experts on these topics to talk to us about it. You can listen to the resulting podcasts or read them as a transcript.

Wednesday, 12. Juli 2023, 18 – 21 Uhr
Listening to podcasts together with drinks, snacks and coziness
At Theatre HochX

On a Wednesday evening in July, we invite you to join us for a podcast LISTENING. We’ll make ourselves comfortable with some drinks and snacks and listen to the first two episodes of our LISTENING podcast.

Listening Workshop / Artistic Audiodescription in SENSE OF WONDER mit Pernille Sonne / 15. Juli 2023

Based on the production SENSE OF WONDER by the choreographic duo Rykena/Jüngst (performances July 21-23 at HochX Munich), the workshop leaders Pernille Sonne, Lisa Rykena and Carolin Jüngst will share ideas and experiences about the artistic use of audio description and their power-critical approach. Audiodescription in dance is the linguistic and vocal description of bodies, movements and situations and everything else that happens on stage. It is the means of access for blind and visually impaired audiences to participate in theatrical events. In this workshop, structured as a kind of research lab, participants will be able to try out different tasks and proposals to translate dance and performance into descriptive language and sounds – both as actors from the inside and as descriptors from the outside. In the first part of the workshop Pernille Sonne will give a practical, theoretical and playful introduction to the topic of audio description of contemporary dance and performance. In the second part, practical scores from the production SENSE OF WONDER will be tried out.

Place: Atelierhaus PLATFORM, Kistlerhofstr. 70, im 3rd floor with elevator

Time: Samstag, 15. Juli 2023, 11 – 17 Uhr

Sing up:

Pernille Sonne:

Voice and movement are the central elements in the work of Pernille Sonne. The graduated speech artist and actress went blind due to a retinal disease and is involved in many different inclusive projects, including language education, direction, performance and dance. „To move in space and spaces“ is aim and basic idea of her work. Together with Armin Petras she wrote the piece „Close your eyes and fly“ in 2004, in which she acted and danced in the main role. This piece was also the first including a dance choreography for which an audio-descriptions was broadcasted. Today the native Danish lives in Leipzig, where she works at the Schauspiel Leipzig as author for audio-descriptions among other projects.

Currently she dedicates herself to the exploration of various channels of perception. In her work with Xenia Tanika as well as with Jan Burkhardt she focuses on researching new access points and forms of shared conscious. Aim is to leave the form of mere description and to move towards the experience of invisible, but palpable and perceptible spaces and to witness them together, blind or seeing.

Image description: The image shows two hands reaching into the picture from the lower left edge of the image. One hand, with open flat palm, is gently touched by the other hand at the fingertips. The background of the picture, as well as the two hands are kept in light, transparent pink.

Artistic direction: Carolin Jüngst, Lisa Rykena Artistic co-direction: Anna Donderer, Rat & Tat Kulturbüro Production management: Pamela Goroncy, Stückliesel Press and public relations: Simone Lutz

Foto: Jonas Fischer

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The exchange and mediation format Listening is part of the three-year option funding of the choreographic duo Rykena/Jüngst, kindly supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich.