Mary Frankenstein

Dance performance about the human and the monstrous
by Mónica Garcia Vicente
with 6 dancers and a musical composition of her own.

The dance performance “Mary Frankenstein” is an artistic exploration of the multi-layered and contradictory facets of the human and the monstrous. Based on the novel Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley (1818), the choreography goes in search of an aesthetic and dance language of the monster as a threshold figure and questions our concepts of normality and order, culture and aesthetics, humanity and humanity.
The dance performance also wants to remind us of the task of art to stand up for humanity and community, especially in “monstrous” times. The audience can find its own way through the Kesselhaus on the Faust grounds and follow the dance, video and sound installation at various stations.

Artistic Direction / Choreography: Mónica García Vicente
Assistance: Loris Zambon
Dancers: Malin Bornemann, Maria Chariskou, Kino Luque, Alina Mohr, Emma Luise Möllmann, Daniel Smith
Music / Composition: Maesen Forest
Dramaturgy: Christina Rohwetter
Costumes: Trixxi Theis
Stage elements, color concept: Gerhard Merkin
Production management: Sophie Thuma

22. September 2022 | Kesselhaus Linden / Faustgelände, Hannover

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