Benno Heisel

Musician, Author, Director, Dramaturgue

Benno Heisel (*1986) is an independent theatre maker from Munich working mainly as musician, author, director and dramaturgue. 

Apart from tackling issues directly through structural work he is particularly interested in well researched and formalistic art. Another focus are media arts both in terms of current and historical iterations (e.g. shadow theatre, early forms of cinema or building and programming of electronic instruments). Musically he uses a wide variety of stiles and techniques to connect bodies and sounds in a live context.

Some of his most long term partnerships include the choreographer Taigué Ahmed, the O-Team, Henriette Schmidt and Ulrich Eisenhofer. The first years of his professional work he was part of the Performance- and Essay-Theatre-Collective Fake[to]Pretend, which existed from 2011 to 2016.

Productions with and by Benno Heisel were invited to more than 20 Festivals nationally and internationally, including the Festival Spielart in Munich, 21st Century Theater in St. Petersburg and Souar Souar in N’djamena.

One of his main achievements was being founder and Co-Director of the HochX – Theater and Live Art in Munich, for which he continues to work as a freelancer (having quit his directors position after the birth of his daughter). He was founder and CEO of the Netzwerks Freie Szene München e.V.  (the Munich independent Arts Union).

Dramaturgy at Theaterakademie August Everding (Diplom) as well as German Literature, Philosophy und Theater Studies at LMU Munich and University of Leeds (Magister).

Foto: Jana Erb

Projekte von Benno Heisel